iTunes Innovation: Reader Response

In a recent post I complained about the slow tunes of innovation in iTunes and asked for your opinions about what features Apple should add to its music player. And there was a whole lot of response. So let me summarize some of the additions readers made to my list:

  • Support for lossless audio formats like FLAC or SHN
  • Ability to play MP3 tracks with seamless, inaudible transitions
  • A way of dealing with/weeding out duplicate files
  • Fix Sound Check so it really works to fix the dynamic range of tracks.
  • Better playlist management, including the ability to nest playlists inside "folders" and drag playlists into any order
  • Remember the last song you played/where you were in a playlist when you quit iTunes
  • Encoder plug-in support
  • The ability to sort artists by last name first
  • Assign multiple genres (in addition to my request for multiple artists) to a song, so that a song categorized as Jazz/Christmas appears in both Jazz and Christmas genres in the Browser.
  • More complex Smart Playlists, going beyond "all" or "any" options
  • "Last Played" category in Smart Playlists
  • Screen saver that shows currently playing iTunes track
  • Support for high-res album art
  • Customizable radio station listings
  • Better auto-location of missing music files
  • Support for burning CD text
  • More options for how iTunes organizes your library in the filesystem
  • Support for "disc at once" burning
  • Per-song control over crossfading
  • Live Searching extends to playlists (playlists not containing found tracks would disappear)
  • Edit song data remotely, via Sharing
  • Make playlists for shared music
  • Transition effects for when you pause, play, or choose Next Track
  • Fix the positions of the Library, Radio, Music Store, CD and iPod icons in the source menu
  • Multiple importing presets, selectable from a pop-up menu
  • A "Sync Best" option for iPod users. For example, to sync all of the songs rated 4 or 5, and as many of those rated 3 as possible
  • Group songs together (post-rip), so that while they're separate tracks, they always play as a group
  • Central repository for music in a home, with syncing and/or merged view of shared libraries
  • Present your iTunes library in a Music Store interface, complete with Top 10 songs and albums, customizable favorites in scrolling windows, etc.

I don't know how many, if any, of these features are under consideration at Apple, but I will try to pass your thoughts on to Apple. At that point, we'll all just have to hope!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list.

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