My Mini Surprise

The box for the new Belkin Digital Camera Link -- a nifty $90 accessory that downloads photos from your digital camera to your iPod -- clearly states that it does not work with the iPod Mini. The device's Web page and product manual both confirm this news. So there was really no good reason for me to plug the Digital Camera Link into my beloved Mini and hit the transfer button.

But here's the thing: It totally worked. The device's faint green lights flashed frantically, then turned into a steady glow to tell me that the transfer process was complete. And sure enough, when I attached the iPod Mini to my Mac, there was a file of photos waiting for me.

When I called Belkin to make sure my Mini wasn't about to go up in a burst of candy colored flames, they seemed equally surprised. Apparently, they've had mixed results with the Mini -- which is why they warn users against it. But in theory there's no reason it shouldn't work. According to the company, whereas other iPod add-ons, such as the Belkin Media Reader, rely on Apple's iPod software to do their job (software that isn't included on the Mini), the Digital Camera Link does all of the thinking on its own. It sees the iPod as just another hard drive.

Although I can't promise that the Digital Camera Link will work with your iPod Mini, it's happy news for me. I'm always running out of room on my media cards while on vacation. Sure I could buy more cards, but why bother when I have 4GB of storage in my back pocket?

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