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Utilities -- Backup

  Clone'X ($50), from Tri/Edre ( This miserable little backup utility does only damage ( October 2003 ).

  DV Backup 1.1 ($45), from coolatoola ( This clever shareware hack lets you back up computer files to a domestic DV or Digital8 camcorder through your Firewire port ( November 2003 ).

Utilities -- Communication

  24U Email OSAX 2.2 ($17), from 24U ( This little widget is an AppleScript tool that lets you send e-mail messages without having to open your e-mail program ( December 2003 ).

  Business Card Composer 1.1 ($40), from BeLight Software ( Create, lay out, and print professional-looking business cards with this easy-to-use program ( December 2003 ).

  disclabel 1.1 ($30), from SmileOnMyMac ( disclabel lets you create actual disc labels and design CD and DVD case covers and tray inserts, right down to the text on the spine. What really sets this disc-label software apart is its clever integration with the iLife suite of products ( November 2003 ).

  EvoCam 3.1 ($20), from Evological ( EvoCam is a powerful but easy-to-use program that turns any QuickTime-compatible FireWire video camera into a Web cam. You have access to QuickTime effects, so you can present yourself any way you like ( September 2003 ).

  Page Sender 3.0 ($30), from SmileOnMyMac ( This easy-to-use, Mac OS X-compatible fax application knocked our socks off by doing everything a fax machine does -- except getting jammed ( June 2003 ).

Utilities -- Productivity

  Addressix 1.3 ($13), from A Sharp ( This application can print envelopes in any of 12 U.S. and international sizes, and lets you create custom sizes. Addressix is smart, and it does its task very well ( July 2003 ).

  AvantGo USB sync 1.2.1 (free), from Tom Whittaker and Florent Pillet ( This utility helps AvantGo junkies solve the Mac OS X problem. It combines malsync and USB-TCP Bridge to retrieve data from the Internet and send it to your Palm over USB ( February 2004 ).

  CaptainFTP 2.6 ($25), from Xnet Communications ( This FTP client provides accelerated downloads for slower Internet connections and supports Rendezvous. The interface is a little quirky -- for instance, many buttons have inscrutable icons ( September 2003 ).

  Cookie Muncher 1.0.6 ($8), from dot software ( Despite some minor inconveniences, Cookie Muncher is a tasty solution for Web surfers who want to keep their browsers cookie-free ( December 2003 ).

  CopyPaste-X 1.5 ($20), from Script Software ( CopyPaste-X goes well beyond just providing multiple Clipboard items that are available regardless of the app you're using. One nice extra is the basic word processor with support for fonts, colors, and text styles ( June 2003 ).

  F10 Launch Studio 1.2 ($29), from Chronos (http:// This little utility tries to make your Mac life easier by putting all your applications, folders, and documents on a single launch pad. While it has several useful features, it's no match for TLA's DragThing ( August 2003 ).

  Faxstf X Pro ($90), from Smith Micro ( This version is significantly better than its predecessor, but its price, inconsistency in receiving faxes, and limited address-book compatibility mean it's no match for SmileOnMyMac's Page Sender ( July 2003 ).

  Fetch 4.0.3 ($25), from Fetch Softworks ( This FTP client with a long history has some great features for previewing and editing graphics and text files before download, even though it hides these features away in menus. But there are definitely better FTP clients ( September 2003 ).

  FTP Client 4.0.1 ($35), from Vicomsoft ( This FTP client has a well-designed user interface and performs exceptionally well. It also gives you the invaluable ability to create fast-access droplets ( September 2003 ).

  Huevos 1.1 (free), from Ranchero Software ( If you spend a lot of time searching the Web, this keyboard-based, intuitive desktop search tool that accesses 15 different sites is a tremendous time-saver ( September 2003 ).

  Imprint 1.1 ($20), from Ampersandbox ( This little utility can print labels, as well as envelopes, and it includes more than 100 label templates. The interface isn't as smooth as Addressix's, but the program is powerful ( July 2003 ).

  Interarchy 6.2 ($45), from Stairways Software ( This FTP client has been around a long time, but it has embraced Mac OS X's navigation style, along with some Web-browser interface conventions ( September 2003 ).

  Internet Cleanup 1.0 ($30), from Aladdin Systems ( This program removes browser-related files and blocks pop-ups. If you use Internet Explorer, you may find it useful, but fans of other browsers should look elsewhere ( January 2004 ).

  iSeek 1.0 ($15), from Ambrosia Software ( You can search the Internet for almost anything from within any application without taking your fingers off the keyboard, thanks to this slick search tool ( January 2004 ).

  KeyStrokes 3 ($250), from Niemeijer Consult ( KeyStrokes 3 is an on-screen keyboard for people with disabilities. The program allows you to use a mouse or a mouse emulator to enter text, features shortcuts for commonly used text, and even offers word predictions ( November 2003 ).

  MacMaid 2.1 ($10), from Realmac Software ( This limited maintenance utility represents a good start. You can set it to automatically move files with a certain extension (such as .jpg) to a certain folder (such as Images). However, you can neither create multiple if-thens that execute simultaneously, nor create a rule based on a file's Kind -- so this utility's utility is limited ( November 2003 ).

  MacResponder 1.02 ($20), from Bruno Blondeau ( MacResponder lets you easily set up and customize automated replies for your e-mail. It can not only send different missives to different senders, but also handle multiple accounts ( December 2003 ).

  The Missing Sync for Internet Sharing and AvantGo 1.0.1 ($20), from Mark/Space ( This app basically turns your Palm into another computer on the network, for good and bad. Along with enabling AvantGo, it allows you to send and receive e-mail on your Palm ( February 2004 ).

  More Internet 1.0 (free), from Monkeyfood Software ( This great utility allows you to customize which Internet helper application handles a given Internet protocol. The welcome enhancement brings back one of the few great features of Mac OS 9 that didn't make it into OS X ( November 2003 ).

  PDF Browser Plugin 1.2 (free), from Manfred Schubert ( This free plug-in turns your Web browser into a very capable PDF viewer. However, the version we reviewed isn't compatible with Internet Explorer; you'll have to use an earlier version if that's your preferred browser ( December 2003 ).

  PDFpen 1.1 ($30), from SmileOnMyMac ( This PDF utility lets you rearrange pages, add and edit graphics, and complete a digital form for a reasonable price. However, PDFpen is slow, and its Find function and multiple page selection features are flawed (April 2004).

  PDFshrink 3.0 ($35), from Apago ( If you need to compress PDF files, this utility is for you. PDFshrink allows you to alter the resolution of images in a PDF, remove unwanted content, and even perform batch conversions on sets of files ( November 2003 ).

  PocketMac Pro 2.0 ($70), from Information Appliance Associates ( PocketMac Pro syncs PocketPCs with the Mac, so it's the only game in town if you can't live without a PocketPC. However, installation is tricky, and it can't sync all PocketPC data ( June 2003 ).

  PodQuest 1.0.1 ($10), from MibaSoft ( PodQuest is a handy little application that downloads MapQuest driving directions to your iPod ( December 2003 ).

  QuicKeys X 1.5.4 ($80), from CE Software ( This version edges QuicKeys X closer to the power of QuicKeys 5 by giving you more control over the Mac interface. It's the fastest route to Mac automation without learning AppleScript ( June 2003 ).

  QuicKeys X2 ($100), from CE Software ( With more shortcuts and a better interface, this version of the task-automation software can reduce many complex tasks to a single keystroke. We highly recommend it as an upgrade for version 1.5 users ( October 2003 ).

  RBrowser 3.1.2 ($49), from RBrowser ( RBrowser is the most Mac OS X-like of the FTP clients we reviewed; it lets you switch between Icon, List, and Column views, and it's easy to use ( September 2003 ).

  SBook5 (free), from Simson Garfinkel ( This lightning-fast, free-form address-book database is destined to replace any other address book you use ( January 2004 ).

  SimpleFTP 2.0.1 ($15), from On-Core ( This inexpensive FTP client gives you a limited interface and no advanced features ( September 2003 ).

  Spell Catcher X ($40), from Rainmaker Research ( Spell Catcher X is undeniably good at checking spelling in the background, and it works systemwide ( June 2003 ).

  Spring Cleaning 6.0 ($50), from Aladdin Systems ( This drive cleanup utility is a good choice for managing the digital junk you've created. But some of its features make Spring Cleaning potentially dangerous for those don't know what they're deleting ( January 2004 ).

  TimeCache 5.1.5 ($50), from The PandaWare Company ( This program helps professionals who bill for their time keep track of where the hours went. It includes several useful features as well as a few interface quirks ( December 2003 ).

  TNEF's Enough (free), from Joshua S. Jacob ( This free utility solves that annoying problem of getting unopenable e-mail attachments from Windows users. Drag the offending attachment onto the TNEF's Enough icon for quick relief ( December 2003 ).

  Transmit 2.5 ($25), from Panic ( Transmit is the most easy-to-use and powerful FTP client available. We appreciate its intuitive interface, excellent features, and solid performance ( September 2003 ).

  TypeIt4Me 1.0 ($27), from Riccardo Ettore ( This powerful and systemwide autocomplete utility is easy to use, but it's not perfect. Despite the flaws (it can fall behind, and you need to start it manually), TypeIt4Me is extremely useful ( July 2003 ).

Utilities -- Security

  HomeGuardian 2 ($25), from SubRosaSoft ( HomeGuardian uses a Web cam and the Mac's microphone to monitor activity in a room. It works perfectly in a single room, with excellent movement sensitivity ( March 2004 ).

Utilities -- Speech Recognition

  iLife Voice Solution ScriptPaks ($25), from MacSpeech ( This handy, inexpensive package extends the command-and-control abilities of iListen to Apple's iLife family of software. The iTunes scripts work the best of all ( September 2003 ).

  iListen 1.6.1 ($99), from MacSpeech ( This voice-recognition software doesn't require the use of a proprietary word processor for editing. However, limited hands-free computing and poor documentation are definite liabilities ( October 2003 ).

Utilities -- System Enhancement

  Alepin 2.53 ($10), from MacChampion ( Alepin truly replaces the lost Mac OS 9 Scrapbook and Notepad. You can create files that contain pages holding text and images, then group those pages into categories ( September 2003 ).

  BuddyPop 1.0.1 ($7), from ( BuddyPop gives you quick and easy access to contact details from within any application, allowing you to cut and paste phone numbers and other information without having to wait for Address Book to load ( October 2003 ).

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