Aladdin renames itself Allume

StuffIt developer Aladdin Systems Inc. underwent a transformation earlier this week when it announced that it is now Allume Systems Inc. The name change is the result of a legal dispute with another company that used the Aladdin name -- Aladdin Knowledge Systems, which develops digital security software.

Both companies have been around since the mid-80s, but neither entity is related to the other. Aladdin Knowledge Systems is the developer of hardware and software designed to protect digital content and provide software copy protection and other capabilities. Aladdin Systems initially focused on the development of compression software for the Macintosh, and in recent years diversified with a library of information access and security products for multiple platforms. Earlier this year, Aladdin Systems Inc. became a subsidiary of IMSI.

In announcing the name change, the newly dubbed Allume indicated that its product line will be rebranded over the coming year; a new Web site already redirects users from the old location.

This story, "Aladdin renames itself Allume" was originally published by PCWorld.

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