iTunes 4.5 adds iMix, videos, trailers, more

Apple Computer Inc. on Wednesday unveiled iTunes 4.5, a new version of the company's music jukebox software that contains many new features. Included in the new version is iMix, Music Videos, Video Trailers, a new lossless audio codec, free weekly downloads and Radio Charts.

According to information posted on Apple's Music Store early Wednesday morning, iTunes users now have access to a free downloable single, which will be made available every Tuesday.

Another new feature, iMix, allows users to publish their playlists for the world to see. "It's Easy to send lists to friends and family via 'Tell-A-Friend' to boost your ratings and top the charts," says Apple's iTunes player.

In the new Music Video Section, which currently has 72 videos online, users can watch the video of a song and below the video purchase the song while they watch. Movie trailers have made their way from Apple's QuickTime to iTunes in the new release, as well.

Radio Charts will track the most played songs in more than 1200 stations across hundreds of cities nationwide, according to Apple.

Apple will also include a Lossless Encoder in the new version of iTunes so users can "import CDs into iTunes with sound indistinguishable form the original recording but at half the size."

As of iTunes 4.5 Windows users can convert unprotected Windows Media Audio (WMA) files to Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) format.

iTunes 4.5 also includes a dynamic playlist Apple calls "Party Shuffle." The playlist shuffles "songs from your library or playlists, and you can add or delete on the fly."

CD Insert Printing has made its way to iTunes, allowing users to print a jewel case insert right in iTunes. Apple will have several designs including a mosaic of album cover art or a single cover.

A Wish List will give those that like to browse through several artists or genres before purchasing songs a way to purchase and download everything at once. You save the previews of songs you want to purchase in a playlist and download everything, when you are ready.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.


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