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BenQ FP992

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The FP992 from BenQ, at $670, is a reasonably priced, 19-inch LCD (1280 x 1024 dpi) monitor that features both analog and digital inputs. Its blue and silver case sports a slim bezel design and it can pivot from its standard landscape mode to portrait mode as long as your Mac supports the pivot feature. (Not many Macs support pivot at the moment, as this capability has only recently become available to users of OS X with the introduction of ATI’s Radeon 9800 Pro Mac edition and its Radeon 9200 Mac Edition graphics cards.) The monitor’s controls, located on the front of the display, are easy to see and use. It uses sRGB as its default color space. Though BenQ’s specifications cite a wide (170 degree) viewing angle, we observed color shifts starting at about 45 degrees from the center of the monitor. Text was very legible, even at small point sizes, though we did notice a little bit of detail loss in the darker areas of a grayscale image. Though not at all bad, the colors are not as rich as the winner of our October, 2004 LCD comparison, the NEC MultiSync 1960Nxi.

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*Candela per meter squared

Candela per meter squared (CD/m2) is the standard unit of luminance. It represents a luminous intensity of one candela radiating from a surface area of one square meter. Luminance is used to specifying the brightness of computer displays. However, be aware that the best criterion for choosing and adjusting a display is the user's viewing comfort. This will depend on, among other things, the level of illumination in the room where the display is used.

At a Glance
  • Pros

    • Slim bezel design
    • Can pivot
    • SRGB color space
    • Clear. legible text
    • Easy-to-use controls
    • Analog and digital inputs


    • Colors were somewhat washed out
    • Pronounced color shifting at 45-degree angle
    • Some details lost in the shadows of grayscale images
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