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We crammed more than 30 Mac-compatible gadgets into our December Gear Guide before we ran out of room. Here are six more great gifts, for you or for someone else in your life.

Magnetic Attraction

Coyote and Roadrunner. Oil and vinegar. Dodger and Giant. Legendary rivalries all, but are there two enemies more natural than computers and magnets? Long feared by computer users everywhere, the fact remains that magnets are cool. It's a fact we were reminded about when we chanced upon Magnetoids, an attractive—get it?—pair of pewter-colored ellipsoid magnets. We initially scoffed at them, but once we started pulling the Magnetoids apart, spinning them around, and attaching them to our clothing, we couldn't get enough. But if you use them as a stocking stuffer, make sure there's no hard drive in that stocking, okay?—JASON SNELL

Fat Brain Toys Magnetoids, $25, Fat Brain Toys

Beam Me Up, iPod

Sure, you’ve got all the cool accessories that make your iPod all that it can be—but I bet you never saw this one coming. The iBeam kit includes a flashlight and laser pointer, each of which attaches to your third-generation or fourth-generation iPod or your iPod mini. Use the flashlight to make sure you’ve got the right door after a night on the town, or pop on the laser pointer when you find yourself giving an important presentation or need to amuse the cat without getting up off your duff.—JONATHAN SEFF

Griffin Technology iBeam, $30 for the set, Griffin Technology

Laptop Layering

When most people hear the word “quilted,” they think of heirloom blankets, flannel jackets, or a certain brand of toilet tissue. But Timbuk2’s new Quilted Laptop Sleeve may change all that. With ballistic nylon on the outside, thick, corduroy lining on the inside, and a number of attractive colors, this “quilt” is a stylish way to protect and tote your PowerBook or iBook, either by itself or inside another bag.—DAN FRAKES

Timbuk2 Quilted Laptop Sleeve, $30 to $40 (depending on size), Timbuk2


Listening to the droning sounds of an airplane, a train, or passing traffic—or even just the sound of your computer’s fans—can be a mind-numbing experience. The noise-canceling circuitry of the Sennheiser PXC-250 blocks these types of sound while still allowing you to hear what’s going on around you (and who’s talking about you). They also happen to be great for listening to your iPod or iTunes.—DAN FRAKES

Sennheiser PXC-250, $149, Sennheiser

Split Hairs

Yes, there is a way to share your music without the threat of RIAA lawyers jumping you in the night. Plug a headphone splitter, such as Monster’s MusicShare or Radio Shack's Headphone Plug Adapter, into your iPod or laptop to let someone else connect their headphones as well as yours. If you’re daring, invite the stranger next to you on the train, bus, or plane to share your tune. Who knows, you may end up sparking a romance over “Come Fly with Me” or “Let’s Get It Started.”—JEFF CARLSON

Monster MusicShare, $10, Monster; Radio Shack Headphone Plug Adapter, $6, Radio Shack

Shark Attack

You know those radio shows you always miss because you’re at work? RadioShark to the rescue. Simply plug the Shark—an AM/FM radio tuner that looks like a cross between an iPod and a shark fin and behaves like a TiVo—into any USB port. Then record any program or schedule the Shark to record specific programs for you. Its time-shift recording feature lets you pause live broadcasts and return to them later. And just as RadioShark frees you from time constraints, the ability to download the programs from iTunes to your iPod destroys location limits.—JACKIE DOVE

Griffin Technology RadioShark, $70, Griffin Technology

Fat Brain Toys MagnetoidsSennheiser PXC-250Headphone splitters from Radio Shack (left) and Monster (right)
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