MouseAnywhere: voice-controlled mouse movement

MacSpeech Inc. on Thursday released MouseAnywhere, a new ScriptPak for their flagship product, iListen, which enables you to control many functions on your Mac with verbal commands. With MouseAnywhere installed, you can use compass directions to move your pointer around the screen and issue such commands as "Nudge" or "Click," with the ability to add Shift, Option, Control or other modifier keys. You can also direct MouseAnywhere to click and drag.

iListen's vocabulary of over 330,000 words was developed with Oxford University and ensures that the application will be able to understand your commands. It also offers the ability to store multiple voice profiles for different users, hands-free correction, macro and AppleScript capabilities, and more. It sells for US$99 and is available with a microphone-equipped headset for $149.

The iListen ScriptPaks are geared toward specific applications and contain voice recognition for their most common commands. MouseAnywhere is $19.95 and is available now as a download from the MacSpeech Web site. It requires iListen 1.6.5 and Mac OS X v10.3.

This story, "MouseAnywhere: voice-controlled mouse movement" was originally published by PCWorld.

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