InterMapper 4.2.3 monitors Xserves

InterMapper, a network monitoring application developed by Dartware, has been updated to version 4.2.3, the company noted on Friday. The upgrade adds the ability to monitor G4 and G5 Xserves and retrieve such information as amount of RAM installed, OS version, drive descriptions, power supply measurements, network connectivity, ambient temperature, the speed of the server's cooling fans and the state of the security lock, as well as the enclosure. The software works by sending a probe via HTTPS to port 311 and receiving an Apple plist in XML, which is parsed to retrieve the status report.

This upgrade is free for all customers with current software subscriptions; those whose subscriptions have lapsed should contact Dartware. Pricing for the full version of InterMapper is US$2,395 to monitor unlimited devices on the network, with license costs scaling down from there for specific numbers of devices. Mac OS X v10.1.4 is required.

This story, "InterMapper 4.2.3 monitors Xserves" was originally published by PCWorld.

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