OmniPilot introduces Lasso Pro 8 Public Beta

OmniPilot Software Inc. on Monday announced the forthcoming release of Lasso Professional 8 Public Beta, a major new release of the Web application server software. The software will be officially released later this week, and the company is offering a free upgrade to the new version's final release for users who buy Lasso Professional 7 before October 31, 2004.

Lasso Professional 8 sports new multi-site features which allows each site on a server to be isolated -- allowing better stability for ISPs and servers that host sites for multiple clients, according to the developer. Also new is on-demand tag loading, Post Office Protocol (POP) e-mail support and improved Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) support, built in Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) client to simplify calling remote procedures, new features like tag namespaces, new compound data types including stacks, queues, sets and lists, improve file upload tags, new encryption keys and more. Lasso users wishing to test the public beta are encouraged to e-mail OmniPilot for details.

This story, "OmniPilot introduces Lasso Pro 8 Public Beta" was originally published by PCWorld.

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