XtremeMac offers silicone cases for iPod, iPod mini

XtremeMac on Wednesday announced 11 new silicone protective cases for Apple's third and fourth-generation iPods and the iPod mini. The new cases feature ribbed sides, a tactile surface finish that keeps the iPod in place, and ventilation holes on the back of the case to keep the iPod from overheating. XtremeMac is selling the new cases in US$19.95 clear translucent or $29.95 three-color "value packs" in "neon" and "hot colors" collections. The cases fit Apple's just-announced iPod Photo and iPod U2 Special Edition as well, according to XtremeMac.

This story, "XtremeMac offers silicone cases for iPod, iPod mini" was originally published by PCWorld.

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