New to iTunes

Lost among all the new iPod Photo hoopla are a couple of new iTunes features that I find extremely helpful.

The first is the Show Duplicate Songs command in the Edit menu. It’s not perfect in that it searches by track title and song only — it doesn’t also search by album title, so a live recording and a studio recording of the same song will be counted as duplicates. Regardless, it’s nice to see some kind of duplicate finder built into iTunes.

Also, iTunes 4.7 now allows you to search the iTunes Music Store’s iMixes. Just go to The Store, click the magnifying glass icon in iTunes Search field, choose iMixes, and enter a search term. You can also search iMixes from within the iMixes screen. A pop-up menu on in this screen offers searching by All, iMix Name, Artist Name, Album Name, and Song Name.

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