More Functional Control

Reader Ethan Derner politely brought me to task for suggesting in the December 2004 installment of my Mac 911 column that simultaneously holding down the Control and F2 keys should allow you to navigate the Mac’s menus via the keyboard alone.

This doesn’t apply to my PowerBook G4 12” model, as the Control key doesn’t override the F2 key’s brightness function. But having keyboard access to the Apple menu and other top line menus would be a real boon, I’ve been trying to create AppleScripts and other commands for Keyboard Maestro. Any advice or suggestions?

Yes, this very simple suggestion: When confronted with a keyboard combination that works reliably on a desktop Mac but not a PowerBook or iBook, employ the powers of your laptop’s fn key. In this case pressing fn-Control-F2 lets you invoke those mouseless menus of which I wrote so highly.

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