LittleWing releases Monster Fair Pinball

If you hanker for the good old days of arcades when pinball games ruled the roost, then you should check out LittleWing Co. Ltd.'s Monster Fair, the latest solid-state pinball simulator for Macs and PCs from the same company that's brought us Jinni Zeala, Loony Labyrinth, Crystal Caliburn, Eight Ball Deluxe and other pinball games.

Filled with ramps, traps and other effects, Monster Fair is a carnival-themed pinball game featuring monsters of legend; vampires, witches other other creepy crawlies. It turns out these monsters aren't monsters at all, but visiting aliens whose ship crashed on Earth some time ago. They're barnstorming around the world, raising money to buy the parts to fix their ship and head back home. It's your job to help the guests at the fair spend money and have fun.

Mac system requirements call for a G4 or later, Mac OS X v10.1 or later, 100MB hard disk space and 1024x768 video resolution. A downloadable demo is available from the LittleWing Web site. Monster Fair costs ¥2,980 (US$28.60) to register.

This story, "LittleWing releases Monster Fair Pinball" was originally published by PCWorld.

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