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The latest installment of Macworld ’s Gear Guide tackles gifts for Mac users who are either on the move or moved to take on all comers in Unreal Tournament 2004. Part Three looks at half-a-dozen gadgets designed for travelers and gamers.


How to Spot Them: Apple sold more than 1.6 million laptops during its 2004 fiscal year. That’s a lot of iBooks and PowerBooks tucked under the arms of travelers trying to make their connecting flight. And that’s an awful lot of people in need of some accessories to make the journey just a little bit easier.

Why We Picked These Gifts: These gadgets will keep itinerant Mac users on the go without adding significant bulk to their carry-on baggage.

What You’ll Spend: $13 to $30.

Other Ideas: No business traveler who has ever been bound by the short, inconveniently-placed networking cable available in most hotel rooms should be without an AirPort Express. Speaking of essential gear, here are some more must-have items for mobile Mac users.

Java Jive

ThinkGeek USB Cup

Say you want to keep a beverage hot while you work, but you don’t have access to a microwave because you’re on the road. ThinkGeek’s USB Cup Warmer plugs into a Mac’s USB port and warms your mug for 30 minutes, providing heat directly from your computer. This gadget is also great for lazy office workers.—CYRUS FARIVAR

$13; ThinkGeek

USB Juicer

Zip-Linq Wireless Phone Charger

Do you know Mac users whose cell phones always run out of juice? The Zip-Linq Wireless Phone Charger can restore their gift of gab. It plugs into a Mac’s USB port and includes a 6-volt booster. There are two versions (I and II), so check the lists of compatible phones on the company’s Web site before you buy. For more powering options, you can pair the charger cable with the company’s wall-outlet and car adapters.—TERRI STONE

versions I and II, $30 each; Zip-Linq

Keep Cool

Kensington FlyFan

While your PowerBook might make you look cool, the Kensington FlyFan actually makes you feel cool. This portable, lightweight fan draws power directly from your laptop’s USB port. The cord is flexible and durable; you can bend it in nearly any direction and it will hold that position. The blades are made of soft nylon, so if you accidentally get caught in them, you won’t get hurt. Now it’ll never be too hot to work outside.—CYRUS FARIVAR

$10; Kensington

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