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Our look at cool Mac-friendly gadgets that make great gifts for loved ones (including yourself) wraps up with gear designed for teen-agers and geeks.


How to Spot Them: They’re always on the computer—in fact, even as you sit here reading this article, they’re probably standing behind you, giving you the stink-eye and wondering if you’ll be done any time soon. They seemingly communicate entirely through instant messaging, and they never leave the house without an iPod at their side. You may not always understand what’s going through a teen-ager’s mind, but some cool Mac-compatible gear will make it look as if you do.

Why We Picked These Gifts: Because you still haven’t lived down last year’s unfortunate socks-as-gifts incident.

What You’ll Spend: $79 to $350.

Other Ideas: If it’s time to surprise your teen with a new computer, you can find all the tech specs you’ll need in our Apple Hardware Guide. Macworld also has reviews on all the latest student-friendly Macs, including the revised iMac line, the 1.25GHz eMac, Apple’s new iBooks. And if the iPod case suggestion below strikes a chord with you, there’s more than one way to encase an iPod, as you’ll see in our iPod case round-up.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Olympus Verve Stylus

Kids today! They like bling, but they aren’t careful with it. Happily, the Olympus Verve Stylus digital camera is here to save you from another repetition of the “When I was your age” lecture. Its shiny, funky body (which comes in six colors) will please the most trend-conscious teen, and it’s rugged enough to withstand splashes of water and life in the bottom of a backpack.—TERRI STONE

$350; Olympus

The Coolest Cases

Aneta Genova case

Don’t leave the iPod-loving teen princess in your life stuck with nothing but a boring black case to tote her tunes. An Aneta Genova case may be pricey, but to the lucky young fashionista who receives it, it’s worth every one of your hard-earned pennies. With everything from corseted, metallic pink cases to ones Sid Vicious would be proud to carry, you’ll find a model to suit any sartorial style. A metal hook and a detachable wrist strap even make them a tad—dare we say—practical.—FRITH GOWAN

cases range from $79 to $129; Aneta Genova

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