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It’s a rough-and-tumble world out there. So your spotless new iBook, PowerBook, or iPod won’t stay that way for long unless you adopt some prophylactic tactics. Here are a few options.

Radtech’s PowerSleevz line provides form-fitting sleeves for your iBook or PowerBook, protecting it from abrasions, even those caused by zippers and carrying-case buckles ($23-$25).

• The iSkin ProTouch PB is a flexible, washable silicone keyboard protector that prevents dirt and food from getting in between your PowerBook’s or iBook’s keys—but lets you see the keys as usual. It keeps the keys from scratching the screen when the lid is closed, too ($20).

Acme Made’s iCover II is a microsuede sheath that slides over your iBook or PowerBook screen to protect both the front and back; it doubles as a screen cleaner ($25-$26).

Klear Screen’s iKlear Apple Polish works on the iPod and iBook, but it also cleans DVDs, CDs, LCD and CRT monitors, G3 and G4 towers, iMacs, and more ($10 for 12 wet packs; $25 for 12 wet packs, five-ounce pump, and polishing cloth).

Monster Cable’s Monster iClean Screen Cleaner has no alcohol or ammonia, and cleans monitors, laptop monitors, and iPods safely ($15-$25).

iCleaner’s iCleaner Scratch Remover is a nonabrasive cleaner designed specifically for removing scratches from the plastic parts of the iPod and the white iBook case. The Pro version also includes a polish for banishing deep scratches and shining up the iPod’s metal back ($15-$19).

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