Rumpus 4.0 FTP server goes OS X

Maxum Development Corp. on Thursday introduced a new version of Rumpus, their File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for Mac OS X and Linux. The new 4.0 release has been redesigned from the ground up to take full advantage of Mac OS X, according to Maxum, and has a completely new interface. Also new to this release is context-sensitive help, an expanded setup assistant, integrated self-diagnosis of problems and easier access to controls and reports. Under the hood, Rumpus 4.0 also features direct use of Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) sockets, optimizations for dual-processor Macs, and background operation as a Unix daemon process. Other changes have been made as well.

Rumpus 4.0 is available in a Standard Edition for US$249, which can support up to 32 user accounts and simultaneous connections. Upgrades from previous releases cost $79. A Professional Edition is also available for $395, or $129 to upgrade; it can support up to 256 user accounts and simultaneous connections. Anyone who purchased the product since May 1, 2003 can upgrade to 4.0 for free. Maxum said it would continue to sell and support Rumpus 3.5 for users who preferred to stick with older versions of Mac OS.

This story, "Rumpus 4.0 FTP server goes OS X" was originally published by PCWorld.

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