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This is the time of year when we hand out our annual Editors’ Choice Awards—the 20th consecutive year that the Eddy Awards have honored the best Mac products. Sometimes it’s hard to get interested in awards if you’re not receiving one yourself, but our Eddy Awards are different. This week, you’ll read about the 35 most innovative products to be introduced to the Mac in the past year.

It’s pretty daunting to think that I’ve been with Eddy for more than half his life, but this is the 11th year I’ve spent serious quality time with the little golden guy.

Eddy, like me, got his start not at Macworld but at MacUser . In fact, on my first day on the job as a MacUser editor in January 1994, I had to dress up in a rented tuxedo in order to attend the 10th annual Eddy Awards ceremony. A tuxedo on the first day? Talk about a unique job.

When I first met Eddy, we were awarding a company run by Steve Jobs—but it was Pixar, the maker of 1994 Eddy winner Typestry 2.1. We also gave a Power Mac an award back then: the 6100/60 (remember that pizza box?). Photoshop 3 was a winner, as was a gigantic time-waster known as SimCity 2000. I still map out Commercial, Residential, and Industrial zones whenever I’m in my car, driving around.

Both Eddy and I made the switch to Macworld in 1997, and haven’t looked back. Although I’ve added a few pounds, Eddy remains as toned and metallic as ever. He continues to effortlessly hoist that Mac SE above his head—I think he’d make a great finalist on Survivor .

These days, the Mac world is quite different. Back in the old days, big companies walked off with most of the Eddy awards. Today the Eddy is an equal-opportunity player, rewarding the big shots as well as numerous underdogs, small Mac developers who are creating some of the most innovative programs around. For every iPod and GarageBand, there’s a NiceCast and a netTunes. As someone who always championed the little products, it’s gratifying to see small developers lugging around that surprisingly heavy Eddy statue.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to playing one of this year’s Eddy winners for Best Game. (Its identity will be revealed Thursday.) I haven’t spent quite as much time with this game as I did with SimCity 2000… but give me time.

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