ATI drops Mac card prices

Hot on the heels of their announcement of the Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition graphics card for the Power Mac G5, ATI Technologies Inc. has announced a price reduction of its existing Mac graphics card arsenal.

The Radeon 9000 Pro Mac Edition gets a US$20 price drop to $129 with this announcement. The Radeon 9800 Pro, ATI's previous high-end Mac retail graphics card, drops $100 to $249, and the Radeon 9800 Pro Mac Special Edition -- a version of the card designed specifically for Power Mac G5 systems -- similarly drops $100, to $299. All prices are the manufacturer's suggested retail prices -- actual "street" prices from retailers may vary.

Introduced earlier this week, the Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition offers, according to ATI's estimates, twice the performance of the Radeon 9800. Equipped with 256MB of on-board VRAM, the X800 features a single dual-link DVI connector compatible with Apple's 30-inch Cinema HD display, and also sports an Apple Display Connector (ADC) interface compatible with Apple's previous generation of Cinema Displays. Its suggested retail price is $499.

This story, "ATI drops Mac card prices" was originally published by PCWorld.

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