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Trying to keep track of all the new hardware and software debuting at Macworld Expo this week? Here’s an updated list of the Mac developers making product announcements at the trade show.

Last Updated: January 14, 2:30 p.m. PT

Communications Software

  • Microsoft: MSN Messenger 5.0, instant messaging client; free.
  • Ovolab: Phlink 2.0, telephony software; $150; upgrade, $30.
  • Stalker Software: Communigate Pro 5.0, communication server software; no price listed.
  • Desktop Publishing Software

  • Insider Software: FontAgent Pro 3, font-management software; $100; upgrade, $50.
  • Mindwrap: Optix 7, document management and workflow solution; contact company for pricing.
  • Games

  • Aspyr Media: Delta Force Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, and Star Wars: Battlefront, expansion pack and two games; $20, $40, and $50, respectively.
  • Freeverse: Toysight Gold Expansion Pack and X2—The Threat, three games for use with Toysight and first-person space simulation; $10 and no price announced, respectively.
  • Hardware

  • Apple: Mac mini, desktop; $499 to $599.
  • Elgato Systems and ATI: EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0, analog TV tuner; $149
  • G-Technology: >G-Safe, G-Drive mini, G-SATA, and G-Play, storage hardware and multimedia player; prices vary per product.
  • Gefen: CAT5-5000 HD KVM Extender, Combo Extension Cables, 2X1 DVI-DL Switcher, DVI-2000 HD Extender, and FireWire Repeater 800 and USB 2.0 Extender, switches and extenders; prices vary per product.
  • Griffin Technology: Xpress Stand, FireWave, and RocketFM, AirPort Express accessory, peripheral for 5.1 surround sound audio, and USB broadcast device; prices vary per product.
  • Kano Technologies: 4.8 Terabyte SureVault Pro RAID-50 Rackmount, rackmountable data storage system; $5,799.
  • LaCie: d2 DVD±RW Double Layer drives with LightScribe technology, silverscreen USB hard drive, Biggest F800 RAID, LaCie FastCoder, and blue eye pro, storage, encoder, and monitor-calibration hardware; prices vary per product.
  • Mac Mice: ProSticks, ZeroSticks Guitar Plug, Mic Plug, and PortBuddy, speaker system, USB audio adapters, and port relocator; prices vary per product.
  • PowerLogix: PowerForce G4 ’47, PowerForce G4 ’57, and PowerCube, two CPU upgrade cards and acrylic enclosure for Power Mac G4 Cubes; prices vary per product.
  • Pressure Drop: TrestleHub, USB 2.0/FireWire 400 hub and device organizer; no price listed.
  • WiebeTech: UltraGB+, Super DriveDock+, G5Jam+, BittyDock, RackFire+, MicroGB+ Combo, assorted storage products; prices vary per product.
  • Xerox: Phaser EX7750, laser printer; $5,599.
  • Input Devices

  • Intelli Innovations: IntelliScanner Express, barcode reader and software bundle; $249 to $349.
  • MacMice: The Ball, wireless trackball; $90
  • Matias: OS X Keyboard, USB keyboard; $40.
  • iPod Accessories

  • Apple: iPod shuffle, flash-based music player; $99 to $149.
  • Better Energy Systems: Solio, iPod charger; price not listed.
  • Griffin Technology: SmartDeck, BlueTrip, and Dock800, cassette adapter, Bluetooth device for transmitting iPod music to a home stereo, and FireWire 800 cable for iPods; $25, $149, and $15, respectively.
  • MacMice: JamPod, guitar amplifier; $50.
  • Sonance: iPort, in-wall docking station ; $598.
  • Sonnet Technologies: PodFreq photo, FM transmitter; $100.
  • XtremeMac: AirPlay, Shieldz, and SportWrap, FM transmitter, iPod cases, and armband, respectively; prices vary per product.
  • Illustration Software

  • auto-des-sys: form.z 5.0, solid and surface 3-D modeler; no price listed.
  • Multimedia Software

  • Apple: iLife ’05, music, movie, and photo apps; $79.
  • Apple: Final Cut Express HD, video-editing program; $299; upgrade, $99.
  • Elgato Systems: EyeConnect, media streaming software; no price listed.
  • Media 100: Media 100 HD, digital video editing system with support for HDV; contact Media 100 for pricing; upgrade, free.
  • Silicon Color: FinalTouch HD, QuickTime color-correction application; $4,995.
  • Sorenson Media: Sorenson Squeeze 4.1, video encoding and compression software; upgrade free for 4.0 users.
  • SoundPix: SoundPix Plus Mac, audio-embedding utility; $40.
  • Networking Software

  • Boingo Wireless: Mac Boingo, Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity software; $22 per month.
  • CryptoCard: Crypto-Server, OS X-native authentication system; no pricing listed.
  • FileWave: FileWave 2.0 and Asset Trustee 7.0, network management applications; contact company for pricing.
  • Intego: Remote Management Console, network security management software; $100.
  • LANDesk Software: LANDesk Management Suite 8.5, enterpirse management software; $89 per node.
  • Netopia: Timbuktu Pro 8.0, remote control software for network managers; no price listed.
  • Productivity Software

  • .com Solutions: FMPro Migrator 2.91, Microsoft Access-to-FileMaker-Pro migration tool; $100.
  • App4Mac Software: xTime Project 3, project management software; $129; upgrade, free.
  • Apple: iWork ’05, presentation and word-processing suite; $79.
  • Base Builders: Praesto, FileMaker Pro-compatible project management tool; $795 for server software; $250 per user.
  • Circus Ponies Software: Notebook 2.0, outlining and organizing program; $50; upgrade from version 1.2, free.
  • FileMaker: FileMaker Recruiter 2.0, updated personnel recruiter program; $299; upgrade, free.
  • Intelli Innovations: Danezio, lending management system; $999 to $2,499 depending on configuration.
  • Keynote Theme Park: TecTile, Keynote add-on; $19.
  • Life Institute: Schedula Agenda 1.0 and Schedula Day Book 1.0, FileMaker Pro-compatible calendaring programs; single license, $79; network version, $129.
  • Ki Business Systems: KiBizSystem 3.6, FileMaker Pro-compatible business management and accounting environment; Single license, $500.
  • MacWeb.com: iApp Server 1.0: Server middleware tool; $495.
  • Management Software: JobOrder 12, business process software; contact company for pricing.
  • Mariner Software: MacJournal 3.0, journaling software; $30; upgrade, contact Mariner for pricing.
  • NRG Software: Package Toolkit and Address Validation 1.3, FileMaker Pro-compatible apps; $300 each.
  • Quality Medical Insurance: pmChart, FileMaker Pro-compatible medical record and scheduling program; $9,000 per physician.
  • Research In Motion: PocketMac for Blackberry, syncing software; $30.
  • Tokerud Consulting Group: Studio Manager 7.0, FileMaker Pro-compatible creative services management program; single license, $795.
  • Web Software

  • Intego: Internet Security Barrier X, Internet security software; Antispam Edition: $100; Platinum Edition: $150.
  • Open Door Networks: Envision 1.1, online image-capture program; $39; upgrade, free.
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