Ubisoft announces Myst V: End of Ages

Ubisoft has announced that Myst V: End of Ages will be released later this year in hybrid format for both Mac OS X and Windows. Developed by Cyan Worlds Inc., creators of the Myst franchise, Myst V: End of Ages is billed as the finale to the adventure game series.

Myst V: End of Ages picks up the story immediately after the end of the original Myst game, where the player must help restore the lost empire of the D'ni -- an ancient civilization that met with a great catastrophe. Myst V continues the game series' format, combining an immersive 3D environment with puzzles, elements of adventure and an in-depth story. Pricing and specific system requirements have not yet been announced. Ubisoft indicates Myst V will be released in the fall.

This story, "Ubisoft announces Myst V: End of Ages" was originally published by PCWorld.

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