NAMM: Apple reveals upcoming feature for Logic

The normally tight-lipped Apple Computer on Thursday revealed an upcoming feature called Bus Latency Compensation that will make its way into a future version of the company's professional audio application, Logic Pro. Apple said the feature will answer requests from its pro users.

Bus Latency Compensation can affect Logic in two ways. The first deals specifically with latency issues encountered when using an external DSP like PowerCore, Dr. Gerhard Lengeling, Apple senior director and lead architect audio/music apps, told MacCentral. The other happens when using plug-ins that "look into the future."

When a plug-in is added to Logic natively it normally does not add latency, but Lengeling said in rare cases this can happen. Specifically, latency can occur using plug-ins like a Linear Phase EQ and Limiters.

Apple declined to be more specific on when a new version of Logic Pro with Bus Latency Compensation would be released.

This story, "NAMM: Apple reveals upcoming feature for Logic" was originally published by PCWorld.

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