First Look: Keynote 2

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Sidebar: Save the Leather and Sandstone

As noted in the Keynote 2 preview, the new version adds ten themes, but kills two (Sandstone and Leather Book) in the process. If you have the first version of Keynote, you can easily resurrect these themes from the dead.

In the Finder, control-click on the first version of Keynote and select Show Package Contents. In the new window that opens, navigate to Contents: Resources: Themes. Open a new Finder window, and navigate to the top-level Library: Application Support: Keynote: Themes. If you don’t see the Themes folder, just create a new folder in the Keynote folder, name it Themes, then open it. Make sure both the new and old Finder windows are visible. Hold down the command key, and in the first window you opened, click on the four themes we’re going to “save:”

  • 07_Sandstone_8x6.kth
  • 07_Standstone_10x7.kth
  • 11_Leather Book_8x6.kth
  • 11_Leather Book_10x7.kth
  • Release the command key, click and hold on any of the four highlighted items, press and hold the option key (which will force a copy of these files), and then drag and drop them into the new folder you created. If you’re doing it right, your screen should look something like this just before you drop the copies:

    Keynote 2 saved themes

    That’s it! The next time you launch the new Keynote, you’ll have 22 themes to choose from, with the two salvaged themes appearing at the end of the list.

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