Mac mini BTO option prices drop

Apple has sweetened the pot for build-to-order (BTO) options on its new Mac mini, reducing prices on some options or improving the options themselves. Customers ordering Mac minis through Apple's online U.S. store can now get Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme wireless networking combined for $99 -- $30 less than before. Apple has also cut the price of a 1GB RAM installation by $150, from $475 to $325. An 80GB hard drive upgrade for the 1.25GHz model, previous available for $80, is now $50. Apple has also replaced the 4x SuperDrive upgrade previously offered with an 8x unit instead, at the same price -- $100.

Update: Apple said on Wednesday that the 8x SuperDrive option was a typo on their part.

This story, "Mac mini BTO option prices drop" was originally published by PCWorld.

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