'24' stops nuclear Armageddon with WiebeTech

When a briefcase was stolen during this season's first episode of Fox's popular series "24," no one knew what was inside it. During the recently broadcast sixth episode, however, the contents were revealed: a WiebeTech Forensic Field Kit. Well, within the world of the TV show, it was a device for overriding nuclear reactors, but "24" prop master Dick Kyker explained: "We knew WiebeTech's storage devices had wonderful utility which would appeal to our viewers." The company's ComboDock, which is included in three of the five Forensic Field Kit options, was also turned into a wireframe model and used during the episode to depict the actual device.

WiebeTech specializes in products used by the FBI, Secret Service and other similar organizations. Its DriveDock, which is available in different configurations, enables investigators to examine and copy the contents of a hard drive without leaving signs that they were present. The company also offers desktop and portable storage systems as well as a variety of adapters and PCI cards.

This story, "'24' stops nuclear Armageddon with WiebeTech" was originally published by PCWorld.

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