Macworld forum visitor Canaryman wonders how to create multiple On-The-Go playlists on his iPod. If you have a fourth-generation iPod, iPod mini, or iPod photo, it’s easy.

1. Create an On-The-Go playlist by selecting a song, genre, artist, composer, or album and press and hold the iPod’s middle Select button until you see the entry blink.

2. Travel to the Playlists screen, select the On-The-Go entry at the bottom of the screen, and press Select.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the resulting On-The-Go screen, select Save Playlist, and press the Select button.

4. In the Save screen that appears, select Save Playlist, and press Select.

The playlist will be saved as Playlist 1. Subsequent playlists created in this way will increment by one—Playlist 2, Playlist 3, Playlist 4, and so on. You’re now ready to create a new On-The-Go playlist and save it in the manner described above.

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