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Sidebar: Suffle Extras

The iPod probably has more accessories made for it than any other product in history. Between cases, transmitters, remote controls, speaker systems, and everything in between, it’s a booming business. Apple was first out of the gate to announce accessories for the iPod shuffle—each of which should be available shortly for $29.

Armband (see Best Current Price ) Similar to the armband for the iPod mini, the iPod shuffle armband lets you keep your music close at hand—but out of the way—when exercising. It’s flexible, and it won’t add a lot of weight to the svelte iPod.

External Battery Pack (see Best Current Price ) Apple says that the shuffle’s battery life tops out at 12 hours—no slouch. But when you need even more juice (did someone say, “Nonstop flight to Sydney”?), there’s the compact External Battery Pack (right). Two AAA batteries give you 20 more hours of playback.

Dock (see Best Current Price ) Just like any keychain drive, the iPod shuffle plugs into one of your Mac’s USB ports. But if you’d rather not crawl behind your Power Mac, the dock provides a convenient way—and one that’s in tune with the rest of the iPod line—to sync or charge the iPod shuffle.

Sport Case Apple’s Sport Case (left) protects the iPod shuffle from dings and scratches while making it better equipped to withstand the elements. The case also offers a touch of color, both at the edges of the otherwise-clear plastic and in the attached lanyard.

USB Power Adapter Although not exclusively for the shuffle, Apple’s USB Power Adapter lets you charge your tiny iPod without the help of a computer. And you don’t need any cables—just plug the adapter into a socket and then plug the iPod shuffle directly into the adapter.

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