Salvage recovers more lost files Ltd on Tuesday introduced the latest major version of its Salvage file recovery software for Mac OS X. The new software supports more file formats, features a faster recovery engine and sports an improved user interface too. Salvage is the basis for a number of specific utilities from SubRosaSoft.

Salvage can not only recover files that have been deleted or been made unreadable on the Mac, according to the developer -- it's file system-independent, so it'll work with PC and Linux disks, USB keys, flash media, scratched CDs or most other media your Mac can recognize. More than 60 file formats are now supported, including JPEG, MP3, HTML and various camera manufacturer's RAW file formats. The ability to pick and choose what file formats are recovered is another key feature of this version of Salvage.

The Salvage technology requires Mac OS X V10.3 or higher. It has been incorporated in OfficeSalvage, MovieSalvage, PodSalvage and CameraSalvage -- each one is designed to support specific file formats are priced at US$49.95; FileSalvage is the general-purpose utility that covers all formats, and it costs $89.95.

This story, "Salvage recovers more lost files" was originally published by PCWorld.

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