Apple executive offers details on WWDC 2005

Apple on Tuesday announced the dates of its 2005 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The conference will run from June 6-10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif. Apple has used the past couple of developer conferences to highlight new technologies and 2005 will be no different.

"One of the keys for this year's conference is going to be innovation," Ron Okamoto, Apple vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, told MacCentral.

Okamoto said the format of WWDC 2005 would change slightly to give the developers more hands-on sessions. This gives the developers more time to spend with the Apple engineers who actually work on the technologies to make sure their applications work with Mac OS X Tiger.

The other change for WWDC will be more of a focus on community. Apple points to its successes working with the biotech community as evidence this approach will work. At the conference Apple plans to work with developers helping them utilize their applications to take advantage of all the technologies that Apple has.

Some of the new technologies that Apple will talk about at WWDC will be Spotlight, Dashboard, Core Data, Core Image and Core Video, among others. While developers will be working with the technologies at WWDC, this will not be the first time they have had access to them.

"We have been actively working with the developer community on Tiger," said Okamoto. "We want them to take advantage of all the technologies we have."

Apple has more developers on the platform this year than ever before as the company actively seeks out ways to attract them. Students or those just entering the developer market are the biggest group of new developers for the company, while international developers are also picking up, according to Okamoto. Apple is also seeing some developers that left the platform coming back to develop products.

"Our developer community has grown two and a half times in the last two years," said Okamoto.

In his discussions with international developers, Okamoto said that they are really excited about Mac OS X because of Cocoa, Apple's development framework for building applications for OS X. He explained that with Cocoa Apple does a lot of the "heavy lifting" in the development cycle, leaving the developer free to come up with new ideas.

While Mac OS X Tiger will be a huge draw for developers at WWDC 2005, Okamoto said that many of Apple's technologies from the Xserve to the iPod are attracting people to the platform.

Developers are already coming up with ideas for the smaller items within the operating system like Dashboard. Okamoto said that gaming companies are looking at making widgets that will show who is online, so you can watch for your friends to play games.

"When you look at what's included in Mac OS X Tiger, it is the most significant release the platform has seen since the original Mac OS X," said Okamoto. "We've been talking to developers and they are getting really excited."

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