IMAP to Inbox

A former colleague who has moved on to other pastures has decided to finally put her email house in order. With that in mind, she asks how she might direct all her email—including a couple of Hotmail accounts—into Entourage’s main Inbox.

By default, mail from POP accounts is funneled into this Inbox. Mail from such IMAP-based services as Hotmail and AOL are not, however. In order to make mail from these services go to the Inbox rather than a separate folder dedicated to that service, you must create an IMAP rule. To do so, follow these steps:

Choose Rules from Entourage’s Tools menu and click Mail (IMAP) in the resulting Rules window. Click the New button and create a rule that reads:

If Folder is Hotmail (Inbox) Then Move Message Inbox

If you have multiple IMAP accounts, simply add additional If conditions—each looking for a specific Inbox for one of your IMAP accounts—and from the Execute pop-up menu choose If Any Criteria Are Met. Name the rule, click OK, and you’re in business. When you receive email from your one of these accounts, it will be moved to Entourage’s main Inbox.

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