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Canadian reader Bob Clunie is clueless about OS X’s Calculator in regard to the Canadian dollar. He writes:

I like the conversion functions of the OS X Calculator. I used to be able to convert from Canadian dollars to American dollars and vice versa. However all of a sudden the Canadian dollar conversion is no longer available—it has disappeared from the list of countries. I suspect it happened when I upgraded the OS. What I’m not sure of is if it happened when I went from Jaguar to Panther or with the updates to Panther. Is it just me or is this common?

I can assure you Bob, that it’s not just you. And I’m just as sure that it’s not something that occurred because of any OS upgrade. What likely happened is that you asked Calculator to update its rates when the rate for Canadian dollars wasn’t available to the application. It’s like this:

Calculator collects currency exchange data from the International Monetary Fund’s website. Occasionally, the IMF fails to post certain exchange rates. For reasons unknown to me, the Canadian dollar appears to be missing in action more often than other currencies (or perhaps people notice its absence more often than, say, the Mauritian Rupee and so the resulting stink is stinkier).

When a rate isn’t posted and you update currency rates in Calculator, any currencies missing from the IMF list will disappear in Calculator’s list of currencies. To fix the problem, try updating Calculator’s exchange rates at another time. Chances are, the Canadian dollar will return to its rightful place among the world’s respected currencies and your copy of Calculator.

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