Time for Tips

Nearly everyone thinks they’re an expert when it comes to uncovering time-saving shortcuts for Mac applications. So we’re giving you a chance to prove that you’ve got the know-how.

For an upcoming story in Macworld , we want to hear how you work quickly or efficiently with your Mac. We’re looking for tips and tricks in OS X as well as your favorite apps (e-mail clients, Web browsers, iLife apps, Office programs, or whatever else you use on a daily basis). How do you launch apps? Find files? Manage your inbox? Do your daily browsing? How do you use Applescripts, keyboard shortcuts, utilities, and your own innate cleverness to get the most out of your Mac? If you’ve got some tricks you’d like to share with your fellow Macworld readers, we’d love to hear about them. Just shoot us an e-mail at worksmart@macworld.com, and we’ll give ‘em a look. For your efforts, you’ll get your name in print, our eternal gratitude, and the admiration of Mac users everywhere.

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