ESRB offers new E10+ game rating

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) on Wednesday introduced a new video game rating category -- E10+. The new rating has been developed to help consumers more easily differentiate between games that have content appropriate for the whole family and games that are suitable for ages 10 and over, according to a statement from the organization. The E10+ rating joins EC for Early Childhood, E for Everyone, T for Teen, M for Mature and AO for Adults Only.

ESRB ratings are a voluntary program used by many publishers of video games in North America. The ratings provide consumers with an idea of what's inside the box. Along with a clear symbol signifying what age group the game is rated for, the ESRB rating also includes a content description.

The ESRB said the new rating was developed in consultation with child development experts and academicians. The new rating will be used to differentiate games suitable for kids ages six to nine and older. Games that will be eligible for the new E10+ rating may contain moderate amounts of cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, for example, mild language and "minimally suggestive themes."

More info about the ESRB's game rating system can be found on their Web site.

This story, "ESRB offers new E10+ game rating" was originally published by PCWorld.

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