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Apeiron X

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Ambrosia Software has finally reworked Apeiron, one of its most beloved Mac arcade games, for OS X. And this version, which adds 16-bit graphics, is as much fun now as the first release was a decade ago.

Apeiron X is a tribute to the Atari arcade classic Centipede. According to the game, your energy has been embedded in a crystal shard broken from a magical looking glass that peers into another world—a psychedelic twist to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. You suddenly find yourself in a field of mushrooms inhabited by unworldly beasts such as Cheech the Pentipede, Larry the Scobster, and Gordon the Gecko—all of whom dedicate themselves to making your life miserable. You use bursts of plasma to disintegrate these pests. Each time you eradicate a complete segment of the pentipede, the level ends. Along the way, you can pick up extra points in the form of “yummies.” You’ll also get bonus points for killing the pentipede in a timely manner. Pick up multipliers, and you’ll extend your bonus points at the end of each round. It’s maddening, exhilarating fun.

Apeiron costs just $15. So if you haven’t already gone crazy with this game, now’s your opportunity. Best of all, if you registered Apeiron back in the day, the OS X upgrade will cost you only $5.

The Bottom Line

Apeiron X is as satisfying today as it was ten years ago. If you enjoy arcade action, you should certainly check it out.

Mac arcade classic Apeiron gets new life in OS X.
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