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The Macworld Goody Bag

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People on the go carry a ton of gear these days. Juggling laptops, PDAs and iPods can get a little awkward to say the least. This installment of the Macworld Goody Bag will help you get your act together and put a fresh face on your mobile look.

Here, Kitty, Kitty

$130 ; Axio

Do you want a laptop case that isn’t just another black Cordura look-alike? And do you like cats? Then we have got the bag for you: the limited-edition Mini Kitty Pack, from Axio-USA. It’ll securely hold your laptop (as wide as 15 inches) and plenty of assorted gadgets—and it’s very cute.— Dan Miller

Stand Up

15-inch model, $110; 17-inch model, $125; Power Support

There are many stands that can raise your PowerBook while you work at a desk. But how many are made of steel sandblasted to match your PowerBook, provide venting to keep a laptop cool, and include a second shelf for storing peripherals such as a hub? The Power Support Ergo Stand even provides a slot for the front optical drive on 15- and 17-inch PowerBooks.— Dan Frakes

Spot the Network

$50; Canary Wireless

Out and about with your laptop and need to find an unprotected wireless network for some Web surfing or e-mail sending? The Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter finds every wireless network in range and displays each one’s name, channel number, signal strength, and (most important) security status. You don’t have to take your laptop out of its bag until you find an open network.— Dan Frakes

Keep It to Yourself

$79 (see Best Current Price ); Secure-It

You’ve done everything to make sure your wireless transmissions from the local coffee shop are secure, but have you thought about the most obvious hole in your defenses? The cappuccino-sipping cretin behind you can see everything on your laptop screen. With 3M’s Privacy Computer Filter (distributed by Secure-It), you can foil him before he finishes his foam. Once you’ve placed the filter on your PowerBook or iBook, only someone positioned directly in front of the screen can read it.— Terri Stone

On the Move

$800; Tom Tom

The TomTom Go is the iMac of GPS units, and not just because of its shape and colors. In addition to the usual GPS features, it provides 2-D and 3-D views, a memory-card slot for easy upgrades, and a great interface—just what a Mac user appreciates.— Dan Frakes

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