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Hands-Free, Noise-Free

$69; Etymotic Research

If you spend a lot of time on a mobile phone, you know the value of a hands-free headset. If you spend that time in noisy environments, you’ll really appreciate the Ety-Com, from Etymotic Research. It combines the technology from Etymotic’s noise-canceling directional microphones and its ER-4 noise-isolating earphones. The company says the Ety-Com provides the highest levels of noise isolation and cancellation available in a phone headset.— Dan Frakes

Simplify Your Stuff

$749; Sony Ericsson

PDA? Check. Phone?Check. Cameras? Check. MP3 player? Check. If you’re out of pocket space, Sony-Ericsson’s P910a may be for you. It gives you all these features and more in an iPod-size package. (Until Apple adds iSync support, use the instructions to sync data.)— Dan Frakes


It’s not just cell phones anymore. Today’s gadgets can help you share every aspect of your life with a simple point and click.

Really Unlimited Minutes

free; Skype

Another way to stick it to The Man, Skype 1.0 is freeware that lets you make free phone calls to anyone else who has Skype installed on Mac OS, Linux, or that other operating system. Call quality is clean and crisp across town or across the country. Skype also sports a chat client and file-transfer capability.— Tom Penberthy

I Am a DJ, I Am What I Play

$40; Rogue Amoeba (bottom screenshot)

When I was growing up, DJs occupied the highest social order in town (yes, a small town). If you were on the radio, you were cool—simple as that. Rogue Amoeba’s Nicecast gives you all the glory of a DJ, letting you spin your tunes, talk over songs, and send your grooves to anyone with an MP3 player capable of streaming audio.— Tom Penberthy

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