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The Macworld Goody Bag

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The devil is in the details. You might have the hottest Mac desktop on the block, but it's nothing unless it’s fully accessorized. So load up.

Small Is Beautiful

$69; PFU Systems

If you bought a Mac mini to save space, why are you still using a full-size keyboard? The PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2’s long name belies its mini-matching size: only 11.6 by 4.7 inches. Yet the keys are the same size as a standard keyboard’s, and it even includes standard arrow keys. The only drawback is a slightly modified layout that places a few keys in nonstandard locations, but it doesn’t take long to get used to.— Dan Frakes

More for the Mac Mini

mini Tower, $45; mini Grandstand, $40; mini Skirt, $25; The Plasticsmith

It didn’t take long for Plasticsmith’s Mac mini- focused accessories to hit the market. The clear acrylic mini Tower lets you mount your mini on its side for an even smaller footprint. The mini Grandstand is a monitor stand just tall enough to let you store your mini underneath. And the mini Skirt—well, it just looks cool (and we love the name).— Dan Frakes

All-Around Headset

$100 (see Best Current Price ); Jabra

A Bluetooth headset is great for wireless, hands-free conversation using your mobile phone, and it’s a perfect match for iChat audio and video conversations on your Bluetooth-enabled Mac. The Jabra BT250 provides good sound, a comfortable fit, and a 30-foot range.— Dan Frakes

G5 Gear

G5 Rooftop, $65; G5 Skate, $115; Power Support

Power Support’s G5 Rooftop turns the top of the G5 into a flat shelf for peripherals and lets you hide low-profile peripherals (such as a USB hub or an Internet router) underneath. To make your G5 more mobile, add a G5 Skate—it’s a lot easier to push around 45 pounds of computing power than to carry them.— Dan Frakes

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