More on Multisession CDs

In a recent entry, I mentioned a couple of ways to create multisession CDs on a Mac. Today, I’d like to add one more—ToolsonTEN’s $15 BurnItAgainSam. BurnItAgainSam offers a simple interface—just drag folders and files into its window and click the Burn button to write the material to CDR (DVD burning isn’t supported by the program). The resulting disc isn’t finalized so you’re welcome to reinsert the CDR and burn more material to it in the future.

Unlike Apple’s Disk Utility, which burns discs in a format incompatible with Windows, BurnItAgainSam burns discs in the ISO 9660 Joliet format—a format that can be read by both the Mac and Windows.

The current release of BurnItAgainSam requires Mac OS X 10.3 or higher and an Apple-supported CDRW drive.

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