Adobe gets creative

First look: Photoshop CS2

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Adobe gets creative

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Photoshop CS2 includes a bunch of powerful new filters and editing tools, tighter integration with and support for Illustrator graphics, support for 32-bit images, and significant improvements to its camera RAW workflow.

Image Warp

The new Image Warp feature lets you easily wrap flat graphics on round or other oddly shaped objects and then tweak the results directly on the screen to make it look natural.

Reduce Noise

Noise reduction often produces some blurring, but this new filter removes digital camera noise and JPEG compression artifacts while preserving photographic edge detail—especially helpful if you shoot in low-light conditions. You can also control noise in each color channel separately.

Spot Healing Brush

This one-click retouching tool lets you remove flaws and unwanted objects from photographs without having to first sample from a source point.

Optical Lens Correction

This new filter lets you adjust and correct a broad range of camera lens distortion imperfections—barrel or pincushion distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting, and perspective problems in all three dimensions—and lets you monitor your progress with a live preview on an alignment grid.

Red Eye

A new Red Eye tool (pictured at right) lets you easily remove the red in a subject’s pupils by simply selecting the tool and clicking the red part of the eye.

Vanishing Point

The new Vanishing Point tool lets you define perspective planes, and then paint, clone, transform, or drag objects onto them. The objects will automatically fit the perspective, no matter where on the plane you place them.

32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The new Merge to HDR command lets you combine several bracketed exposures of the same shot to incorporate the broadest possible tonal range from dark shadows to bright highlights. In the previous version, Photoshop enabled more advanced editing of 16-bit images; Photoshop CS2 doubles that to 32-bit. Not all editing capabilities are available in 32-bit HDR mode, but you can convert the image to 16- or 8-bit once your images are combined.

Smart Objects

Photoshop CS2’s Smart Objects lets you scale, rotate, warp, and transform raster and vector objects on layers of a Photoshop image without losing image quality. Illustrator vector graphic s that you integrate into a Photoshop document remain live and scalable; and if you edit an image in Illustrator, your changes will automatically appear in the Photoshop file. For linked duplicates of embedded graphics, just edit an image once and all linked copies will update at the same time.

Smart Sharpen

Click image to open full screenshot

Until now, the Unsharp Mask filter was a photo retoucher’s best friend. But Photoshop CS 2’s, new Smart Sharpen command (pictured) lets you choose which kind of blur you want to control—motion, Gaussian, or lens—while preserving edges and detail in shadows and highlights.

Multi-Image Camera Raw

Photoshop CS2 makes handling raw images more flexible and productive. With the new Camera Raw workflow, you can select and batch process many raw image files at once while continuing to work on other images, and then export them to the format of your choice, including the new Digital Negative specification (DNG). Camera Raw now gives you automatic adjustments of exposure, shadows, highlights, and contrast; previews of shadow and highlight clipping; dynamic or preset tone curve adjustment; crop and straighten tools; and multiple color sampling.

Menu Customization

Photoshop CS2 lets you choose from among new preset task-based workspaces for different kinds of jobs—prepping images for the Web, painting and retouching, prepress, and more. When you choose a preset workspace, the program highlights the menus you will need for that job. You can also create and save your own custom menu sets with color-keyed menu commands, and select them at will.

More Noteworthy Additions

• New PDF Engine is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 7, broadcast video previews, print dialog enhancements.
• High-capacity RAM compatibility allows Photoshop CS 2’s Power Mac G5 users to devote more than 2GB of RAM to the program.
• Smart Guides show you where to line up objects on multiple layers of a canvas.
• Image Processor command lets you identify multiple images for batch processing.
• Script Events Manager window runs actions and scripts at specified points of your workflow.
• WYSIWYG Font Menu.
• Animation (for the first time in Photoshop).

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