Adobe gets creative

First look: GoLive CS2

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Adobe gets creative

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Building on GoLive’s designer-friendly interface and the Site Window-based site management, GoLive CS2 moves fully into the age of Cascading Style Sheets and mobile devices.

CSS Everywhere

It wasn’t hard to link style sheets in the previous version of GoLive, but now you can set a default style sheet for new pages. You can also link to a Style Sheet using your Web page’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) button. And you can create, assign, or edit styles in all sorts of ways—applying a class to a table row from the Table palette or editing a style by double-clicking it in the CSS palette.

Interface Lift

The CSS document interface has matured. There’s now a split window code view, adding an Info column preview, making preview optional, and letting you double-click a Property to jump to its edit tab. Additionally, you can “collect” a set of any properties, then apply them to another style later. And you can now change the order of fonts. The toolbar and menus are all more CSS-oriented. Using bold and italic Ts in the Style menu now adds the proper structural tags—

—instead of the deprecated bold and italic tags,

Click image to open full screenshot

Grid Work

GoLive has had Layout Grid (which did the HTML coding when you dragged design elements around the page) now writes CSS. It lets you easily create DIV tags, which let you create pages of columns and rows without tables—the currently preferred technique. You can simply drag a CSS layout from the new CSS tab (pictured at right), then start adding content. To format the layout, you assign attributes to the auto-created classes.

Tighter Integration

Integration with Photoshop and Illustrator was already good, now it’s better. JPEGs can be automatically made Smart Objects. PDF exporting includes Mobile PDF (optimized for mobile devices) and security options that restrict copying, printing, and more. Improved InDesign to GoLive flow makes it easier for print designers to move their work to the Web.

Click image to open full screenshot

Think Small

Now that people cruise the Web via cellular phones, designers need to think in all sizes. GoLive goes beyond Web site design, with page building and preview features (pictured at right) for myriad mobile devices.

New Default Doctype

The default document type changed from HTML 4 Transitional to XHTML 1 Transitional. With this, uppercase tags are flagged red, and you can use Rewrite Source with its improved options to make them lowercase.

More Noteworthy Additions

• Better color management. You can open multiple swatch palettes and build your own palette, then share it across the suite.
• Improved file versioning.
• Improved collaborative workflows with Version Cue.
• FTP is now more secure, with support for FTP via SSL (FTPS) and via SSH tunneling.
• Support for better extensions through changes to the software development kit (SDK); extensions can also communicate with other CS2 applications.
• Paste Special menu that gives you control over how you paste from Word.
• Windows Media objects.
• Support for popular blogging software.

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