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Our look at some of the most clever, helpful, fun, or just plain unusual items available to Mac users concludes with three applications that will help you stay organized. And with all the time those programs save you, you’ll have even more time to play around on your Mac with a few cool games, gadgets, and other diversions.

Dive into Your Video Collections

$70; Aquafadas

Whether you’re editing in iMovie or Final Cut, trying to keep all of your video clips organized can send you off the deep end. iDive, from Aquafadas, will help you keep afloat. You can sort, add keywords, trim, and more before you drop clips into your editing app.— Ben Long

It’s Inspirational

$69 (see Best Current Price ); Inspiration Software

If you had trouble keeping track of the relationships between the characters in Hamlet or the factors that contributed to the fall of Rome, or if you just want to keep tabs on who’s been involved with whom on The OC, Inspiration is your application. This package from Inspiration Software provides myriad options for representing relationships visually: text bubbles, images, and a variety of ways to link them all together.— Tom Penberthy

Corral Your Thoughts

$129; Zengobi

One nice thing about a piece of paper is that you can do anything to it: scribble, write text, glue pictures on it. Zengobi’s Curio gives you all this, as well as things paper can’t: editability, printing, searching, and more. Great for brainstorming, it has a drawing program’s free-form flexibility and a word processor’s search features.— Ben Long

Play All Day

Looking to blow off some steam? These six apps, gadgets, and Web sites will fill your downtime with a smile.

The Power of Water

$12; Real Goods

Water-powered clock
You’ve got your hybrid car, your solar laptop charger, your wind-up radio, and the flashlight you shake to power up. The only thing you need to make your eco-life complete is a clock powered by water. This easy-to-read digital clock can run for up to two years with nothing but two thimbles of tap water powering its two tiny fuel cells.— Tom Penberthy

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