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Old School


Back in the 1990s (you remember those, don’t you?), this Asteroids-like clone was all the rage. Free time vanished, but at least the universe was safe from rogue asteroids and evil spaceships. Now you can relive your glory days with Maelstrom, an OS X release of Ambrosia Software’s classic space shoot-’em-up.— Rob Griffiths

Older School


If the 1990s are still too modern for you, give MacMAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) a try. This emulator supports literally thousands of arcade and home video-game titles. To play legally, you’ll need to own the original games’ ROM chips—eBay may be your best bet for unearthing old chips. The three free legal ROMs available on the official MAME Web site are Gridlee, Poly-Play, and Robby Roto.— Rob Griffiths

Step Aside, Bono

$20; iPod My Photo

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could transform that photo of you playing air guitar into a replica of the silhouetted iPod ads that grab so much attention on billboards and TV? Now you can, and you don’t have to be a Photoshop master, either.

iPod My Photo before
iPod my Photo after

Just submit the image and a caption to the iPod My Photo Web site, and in five days or less, you’ll receive something that looks like Apple paid an ad firm a million bucks to produce it.— Terri Stone

Pop Pop Pop Pop

free; Virtual Bubble Wrap

The compulsion is irresistible: when presented with a pristine sheet of bubble wrap, you can’t help but pop the little spheres. If you’re short on the actual stuff, try Virtual Bubble Wrap, an interactive Flash movie that lets you pop to your heart’s content. Turn on Manic Mode to pop without even clicking the mouse, and then click on Fresh Sheet (“Must have more!”) to start anew.— Jeff Carlson

Another Apple Product
Appletini mix

$12; Williams-Sonoma

You show off your iPod in a clear case, Think Different posters cover your walls, and you slapped an Apple sticker on your spouse’s Dell. It’s time to take the next step in displaying your Mac pride: Williams-Sonoma’s Appletini Mix, for the ideal beverage at user-group meetings.— Terri Stone

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