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The Macworld Goody Bag

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Sure, your Mac can produce some sweet sounds. (And we’ve dug up the audio accessories to prove it.) But you can find Mac software and gadgets that do more than expand your musical enjoyment—you can also use them to broaden your mind. That’s why this installment of the Macworld Goody Bag profiles more than just four cool iPod accessories—we’ve also got the scoop on software programs, hardware devices, and online destinations that will boost your brain power.

A Better Remote

$50; Ten Technology

naviPro eX
Most iPod remotes let you play, pause, skip, and adjust the iPod’s volume. Ten Technology’s naviPro eX is the first to let you navigate playlists, albums, and audiobook chapters, and to toggle repeat and shuffle modes. It also works with the iPod photo to control slide shows.— Dan Frakes

Play Dress-Up

$20 to $100; iPodJewelry

The riffraff are sporting your once überhip white earbuds. Regain your avant-garde edge with iPodJewelry. Your iPod Shuffle will go from drab to fab when you slip it into a sleeve of beads, ribbon, or yarn.— Scholle Sawyer McFarland

Homeward Bound

$399; Klipsch

There have been many just-for-iPod portable speakers, but Klipsch’s new iFi is the first dockable sub-sat system for the home.

Klipsch iFi

It delivers 200 watts of true stereo sound while charging your iPod, and the remote lets you control iPod playback and audio levels without leaving your couch.— Dan Frakes

Form and Function

$50; mini version, $45; Acme Made

Acme Made iPod Wallet
The stylish Acme Made iPod Wallet is a wonderful synthesis of form and function. Its brightly colored Italian leather exterior is attractive enough to show off in public. And the suede interior includes an elastic strap that keeps your earbuds tucked safely away when they’re not in use—no more awkward attempts to separate tangled wires from everything else in your purse or backpack. There’s even a small side pocket where you can stash your license or a few bills. The case accommodates second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPods, as well as the iPod photo (though the fit was a bit snug). The company also sells a version for the iPod mini.— Kelly Lunsford

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