Phlink telephony software adds Tiger support

Torino, Italy-based Ovolab on Tuesday announced the forthcoming release of Phlink v2.1, a new version of its telephony software for Mac OS X. The new release, with support for key new technologies found in Mac OS X v10.4, will be released at the same time as 10.4 -- on April 29, 2005. It's a free update for Phlink 2.x users.

Phlink turns your Mac into a telephone answering machine and info center; it can greet callers with personalized greetings, alert you to callers using special ringtones, forwards voicemail by e-mail and more. It combines software with a USB-based telephone adapter.

New features in Phlink 2.1 include support for Spotlight, Mac OS X v10.4's new search technology, so you can search for caller's names and find all references to the caller within the system, for example. Two new Dashboard widgets have been developed -- one displays the last five incoming, outgoing and missed calls; another lets you dial phone numbers from Dashboard using a keypad or choosing a contact from your address book. The Dashboard widgets also support Phlink working on other Macs on your network. Also, Phlink 2.1 supports Automator actions, so you can build complex automated processes that involve the Phlink software.

Phlink costs US$149.95, including the software and adapter. 2.1 is a free update for Phlink 2 users, and Phlink 1 users can upgrade for US$29.95. It requires mac OS X v10.2 or later, though these new features require Mac OS X v10.4.

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