Au revoir, Rendezvous

With Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger’s release date set earlier this week, Apple made official what had been speculated on for months—that its zero-configuration networking technology Rendezvous would be getting a new name. Au revoir, Rendezvous, et bonjour, Bonjour .

Mac OS X users first got to know Rendezvous with the release of Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar in 2002. It was Apple’s implementation of the Zeroconf protocol, a technology that enables Macs and other devices connected to a computer network to communicate with one another without requiring any additional configuration.

A company called TIBCO Software filed suit against Apple in 2003 for using the name Rendezvous. TIBCO trademarked the name Rendezvous for its own messaging software in 1994, long before Apple used the name. In 2004, Apple noted in a quarterly report that the case had been settled. Ever since, rumors have swirled that Apple would change the name of Rendezvous to something else.

And so, with Tiger’s release two weeks from today, Apple has posted new information to its Web site discussing the new operating system release’s capabilities. And keeping with the French naming scheme, Rendezvous has been renamed Bonjour. Don’t worry about having to learn the ins and outs of another new Tiger feature, though; under the hood, Bonjour is the same as Rendezvous.

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