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iPod protection

Having recently lost my 60GB iPod photo, I looked into a few things I should have done. So do as I say—and not as I did—by following these iPod-protection tips:

Mark It
Apple offers free engraving on new iPod and iPod photo models—take advantage of it. It’s tough to pretend that an iPod reading “I Belong to Bubba. Hands Off!” is the property of anyone but Bubba. If you already have an iPod, a local jeweler will be happy to scrawl some identifying sentiment on the back.

Track It
Inspice’s SmartProtec can assist in the recovery of stolen personal electronic devices. You protect your items by registering your gear’s serial numbers with the service (at no cost). Anyone—the police or a potential buyer, for example—can check with the service to see whether you’ve reported it stolen.

Cloak It
When I travel for business, I often place data files on my iPod as a backup. To protect those files, Micromat offers the $40 PodLock—a utility that creates an invisible password-protected partition where you can store your data. The program won’t secure your music and photo libraries, and there’s nothing in it that will stop someone from reformatting the iPod, but it can help prevent thieves from accessing your private documents.

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