Importing Safari bookmarks

Reader Jim Klausen is rightfully enamored of the web browser, Firefox, but he has one problem—he has oodles of bookmarks in Safari and doesn’t know how to move them from Safari to Firefox. I have an answer that not only imports the bookmarks, but offers the added benefit of allowing you to use Terminal, thus upping your Geek Studliness Quotient (GSQ) by a full seven points.

Let’s get the rough stuff out of the way first.

Quit Safari and launch Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Enter this in the Terminal window:

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1 This adds a Debug menu to Safari.

Launch Safari and from this self-same Debug menu choose Export Bookmarks and save the resulting Safari Bookmarks.html file to a convenient location.

Launch Firefox and choose Manage Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu. When the Bookmarks Manager window appears, choose Import from the File menu. In the resulting sheet, choose From File and click Next. In the Import Bookmark File dialog box that appears, navigate to your saved Safari Bookmarks.html file and click Open. In a moment your Safari bookmarks will be brought into Firefox.

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