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Cosmo Bots

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If you were a fan of the arcade classic Qix or Ambrosia Software’s Barrack, you should consider Cosmo Bots, by Cornerstone TSP Games, a must-have. The game offers retro arcade action that’s more addictive than a bag of potato chips.

In the game, creepy little alien bugs have infested your space station. The only way to eradicate the menace is to shoot beams that fill the empty space around a framed perimeter. Pressing the spacebar or clicking on a right mouse button reorients the shooter vertically and horizontally. To win, you must fill up 85 percent of the frame. If the bugs touch the beams emanating from your shooter, you die.

When you fill a portion of the board that contains one of your myriad foes, that buggie is blasted to smithereens. Occasionally, doing so will also spawn power-ups—such as fast shot, slow motion (which slows your enemies down), score multipliers, and time bombs. You’ll also run into power-downs, which may slow your shooter, speed up everyone else, or do other nasty things. You can collect bonuses if you finish each level in enough time.

Despite its simple rules, Cosmo Bots gets relentlessly difficult fairly quickly. It will certainly keep you on your toes. The lush graphics and pumping techno soundtrack help as well—though you may find the music repetitious after a while and choose to turn it off.

With more than 500 levels, there’s a lot of game to play. The levels are divided between nine worlds, which also serve as starting points for new games. Although it’s not as convenient as being able to save at each new level, this means that you don’t have to start at the very beginning each time you play.

The best part is that you won’t need anything fancy to enjoy the game. Cosmo Bots supports OS 8.6 and later.

The Bottom Line

Cosmo Bots is easy to learn but hard to master. It’s sure to please gamers who are looking for addictive arcade-style fun.

You’ll have to block alien bugs to win at Cosmo Bots.
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