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Tennis Titans

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If you’re looking for some casual fun that doesn’t involve death and mayhem, check out Tennis Titans, by Skunk Studios. This lighthearted game puts you in control of adorable, big-headed cartoon creatures as you test your mettle on the tennis court.

The game’s action is broken into two basic challenges: Classic mode, where you play a three-round match against your opponent; and Rings mode, a two-minute race to collect as many rings as you can by winning the rally. You’ll unlock new characters and locations by winning matches. Four courts will bring you to the woods, a tropical island, a modern arena, and a Greek temple. A one-round Exhibition mode lets you return to courts you’ve already conquered to compete against the character of your choice.

Tennis Titans is easy to pick up and play. However, to take advantage of special shots—such as topspin, lobs, driving power shots, and sneaking drop shots—you’ll need a multibutton mouse.

I ran into a few trouble spots along the way: playing the game in full-screen mode resized the windows of other applications I had open. The game also left a cursor visible on screen. Despite claims that the game supports 500MHz systems, performance was slow on my 1.5GHz G4. You can download the game and play it for an hour without paying for it. I recommend doing so and giving it a try on your system before you buy.

Tennis Titans isn’t meant to be a hard-core tennis game. It’s relaxing and enjoyable fun. Though it doesn’t offer multi-player support, it does let you compare your high scores with those of other Tennis Titans players online.

The Bottom Line

Tennis Titans is a cute, inexpensive sports game—and a fun way to pass the time.

Play a few sets with adorable cartoon characters in Tennis Titans.
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